View Full Version : Skirmish mode/ Mission Editor

19th Feb 2007, 02:16
I bought this game the day it came out for PC and had it beaten within a few days (thats also while balancing full time college course work). I find the challenges a bit overly challenging (might just not be my thing) and the storyline a bit short. I'm on a router so I'm having the same issues with multiplayer that everyone else is while waiting for the patch. I would propose the possibility of adding a skirmish mode or a mission editor, very similar to what C&C Generals did. That really added to the replay value of the game. Something to allow the player to design their own massive naval battles. I saw many scenes of massive ship/plane/sub battles in the promo videos but haven't seen anything of that scale in the game. I kind of feel a bit misled. Is there any chance of something like this being added to the game?

19th Feb 2007, 04:08
it's been suggested, several hundred times

19th Feb 2007, 05:08
I would have been surprised if it hadn't, I just couldn't find any that mentioned it. Anyone know the potential of it actually happening?

19th Feb 2007, 06:13
If we keep pushing for one, eventually they will make one