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18th Feb 2007, 17:12
Hazaa! I finally got that last bronze reward. But the game says I am only 99% complete. It's the Croft Manor. I've gotten ever reward and the binoculars, grapple, etc. Yet in the Pom-Pilot it says "Explore the Manor and discover it's secrets"....it's unchecked. What the heck is that? All the walkthroughs I've been to don't mention that...and I don't know what to do to check it. Any takers?

18th Feb 2007, 20:26
I had same thing after i got all rewards i had 99% so i completed last boss once again and now i have 100%, so kil llast boss again

18th Feb 2007, 21:57
I've already beaten that boss twice: once through the regular game and once through the time trial. I don't think it's that... I really believe it has something to do with the croft manor...is that box checked for you?

~so confusing~

rabid metro
19th Feb 2007, 01:55
you should able to tell if you have all secrets!

if it says that you are missing a secret in any level,
that can happen even after you have already collected that secret,
if you hit a checkpoint a/o die in the wrong sequence.

this site:

... has complete cheat video walkthroughs for every level,
so after you determine where the missing secret is, you can quickly go to it.
BTW, i am not recommending cheating, in general.
this is specific to Hachi, who has, for all intents and purposes completed the game.

too bad the secrets themselves aren't individually numbered, in some way ...