View Full Version : MISC. Alpha testers receiving exclusive cosmetics?

17th Oct 2013, 16:00

Been wondering for a while if Alpha testers would get some kind of "reward", or "proof" of our participation. If you've played Team Fortress 2, you would have noticed a few people wear medals that are either bronze, silver, gold or platinum. This medal is awarded to players, and the type of medal they get depends on when they first started to play the game.
I'm thinking mainly of the Platinum medal, that has been given to players participating in the Team Fortress 2 beta before it was released on retail. Will we be getting something similar (not to sound demanding, getting to play the Alpha is a privilege!) like skins, or something entirely different?

Again, sorry if this sounds like I'm demanding too much. I'm just plain curious :D

17th Oct 2013, 17:04
We can't comment on this just yet, I'm afraid.