View Full Version : Thief Gold and Windows XP: A very new type of problem, honestly

Psi Yamaneko
17th Feb 2007, 22:06
The problem here isn't the issue of the computer not wanting to install the game. Rather, it's an issue of the computer not wanting to read the cd at all!

IF it reads it, it just opens it to the "goodies" folder without launching the install screen.

The old start>Run trick doesn't work, because it just asks me to put the cd in. When it's in the driver, there's an unfortunate sort of clicking sound.

Now, this is my father's computer. He put in other cds and the driver read those just fine. I've played Curse of Monkey Island on this thing too without hangups.

I put the Thief Gold cd into MY computer and it read the cd just fine.

As it turns out, my father's more recent CD-ROM driver broke and he replaced it with an old one that was just hanging around (Creative Cd2422E MC102). I know T-Gold had issues with certain drivers when it came out, was that one of them? One of the tricks to fixing the problem was supposedly increasing the Supplemental Cache Size but I'm not sure how to do that on Windows XP.

Many problems in one, yeah?

18th Feb 2007, 01:04
My first suggestion is to try the Gold CD in another computer. If that fails, then it is probably the CD. If not, then apparently it is a compatibility problem with your father's old CD ROM drive. You could try updating the driver with one from the manufacturer. You could look at the properties of the drive. I've looked at my drive's properties under Win 2000, and I can't see anything about cache.

Let us know what it was if you find it.

20th Feb 2007, 02:09
You could try copying the disc to a new blank disc, then install from that disc