View Full Version : cannot get out of room with 3 Grenades

17th Feb 2007, 11:34
pretty much as subject. i cannot get a lock as using G just shows pistols or shot gun. K throws grenade but i get hit so many times lara dies.

tried the walkthru at http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr7/walkthrough/index.html but lara still dies.

17th Feb 2007, 11:50
Unfortunately l think you might need to be a bit more specific about where you are and why you cannot get out, and what platform you are playing the game on. l will take a stab at it but have really not got a clue where you are. Are you by any chance in the room in Peru, town section where you pick the grenades up of the table? You do not have to use them, certainly using them in such a small room would be a mistake, kill the merc and kick the door to get out. If you want to use the grenades just throw them in the right direction or use manual aim to target and then throw the grenade while aiming

17th Feb 2007, 13:51
If you are at this room. I could give you a few suggestions:
So first you kill the merc. Get the grenedes you want. Then kick open the door.
So I usually kill the guy right in front of me first. Then the guy up on the landing, but you have to get on the roof to hit him. Then I stay on the roof and try to kill everybody on the ground and the other places. Don't forget to move side to side, or you are an easy target.
Once all of the merc.s are dead, pick up anything you want and climb up the ladder. There is another merc. right through the door(on the balcony). Then once he's dead, I usually jump to the roof. If you run near the end of it the big car will come out. So have your guns ready and go staight and as soon as the car comes press the 'interact' button to make something fall on the vechicle. Then kill the rest of the mercs and then you're on your merry way.
I hope this made some sense to you. Just don't give up.

17th Feb 2007, 15:05
now on bike stage. took some killing to get thru that last stage. a few times lara died just as the jeep appeared.