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16th Feb 2007, 20:57
i accidentally posted this in the general forum as opposed to the x360 forum - basically, i can beat all of the sub challenges, i can beat all of the ship challenges, but for the LIFE of me i cant seem to figure out the SECOND plane challenge!

i defeat the bombers and defend the destroyers no problem - but once those dive bombers come at the jetty buildings im toast - i can usually kill off the first 10 or so waves with ease but get killed with between 3-5 waves left...

its SO annoying to play for 17-20 minutes each time and end up losing - ive done it at least 10 times

anyone have any pointers for me?

16th Feb 2007, 22:45
Stolen from gamefaqs:

This missions is annoying but pretty straight forward. Use fighters to
defend your objectives. Make sure you have a maximum amount of planes in
the air and as many planes in one squadron at a time.

For orders, set free fire and Combat Air Patrol to ON.

For the airfields, build your planes. Make sure you put as many planes
into one squadron. You do this so that you can make more planes if some
of your planes (some as in like 3) have been destroyed. You should have
your fourth squadron empty unless you can build 3 or more. Shoot down the
bombers or kamikaze them if they get too close. Issue orders on your map.

For the destroyers, Set a squadron of planes to circle around a mile west
of the destroyers. Set another squadron of planes to circle around a mile
south-west from the destroyers. Manual control another squadron and shoot
down the closest plane over and over again. Kill a squadron, press A to
target the nearest enemy and then kill them. I usually lose one destroyer
but it doesn't matter.

For the jetty buildings, set two squadrons to circle around a mile south
of the jetty buidlings and then choose another squadron and manual shoot
down any planes that come near the buildings. This one mission is
annoying and you will die several times over.

For the landing fleet, select the weakest squadron available and destroy
the closest big boat and then the other big boat. You can do so by
cutting off your engine and spreading fire on it's surface just like in
planes mission 1. While your planes are heading to the landing fleet, let
the other squadrons kill off any landing boatings that are going to your
island. Except to lose planes because there will be a lot of anti-air
fire from the little boats. You can easily pick them off one by one. If
you are to lose planes, quickly replace them for you will be screwed.

Good luck! :-)

17th Feb 2007, 03:38
awesome - thanks for the reply - i actually managed to FINALLY beat the darn level after i posted the thread - i was actually surprised to managed to do it!

funny thing is - i beat the next level on my 3rd try - i dont get why that one level was so darn hard!

oh well - thanks for the reply!