View Full Version : Eurofartz – for players who think ‘Snow Patrol’ is a commando unit.

16th Feb 2007, 13:09
Many of you will have heard of the growing success of the US based Oldfartz gaming community. Basically for players of advancing years ( in this business
that means over 30 ) who have a desire to play at a more leisurely and less frantic pace and who don’t take it all too seriously. As we have received a number of enquiries for membership from players in Europe we are happy to announce the formation of ‘Eurofartz’ for players from the Old ( yet far more civilised ) World.

If you are into gaming with people who enjoy some tactical aspect in addition to blowing opponents apart with 16” shells, are of suitable years and consider stopping for tea in the middle of a battle essential then your probably cut out to be a ‘Eurofart’.

If the idea appeals send a private message with an e-mail address ideally…………….

Falkonfive - Cambridge UK