View Full Version : THIS SUCKS!!!! Also post what you hate

16th Feb 2007, 01:18
This is the Anti thread of "THIS ROCKS!!! Also post what you like" Please feel free to post your complaints about this game.

My main complaint is the lack of polish the PC version of the game.
If you try and launch the game from the CD it will crash.
If you launch the game from the Desktop Icon it will launch just fine.
It disables my screen saver and Auto off settings for my LCD monitor.
My X-box 360 Controller for the PC has no rumble support.

Feel free to add your problems to this thread and maybe the developers will patch the game.

16th Feb 2007, 02:42
No offense but since we have a bug thread, what would you like to see thread and a couple of others we really don't need another one like this.