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15th Feb 2007, 11:56
Hi, I've opened all the ports that have been posted on this forum and I have even taken down my firewall temporarily as a test. Everytime I try to join a game I able to join it for a minute. When I go to pick my side(or if I just sit there) after about 30 seconds of being in the room I get "Lost Connection" error. Also, whenever I try to click on anything in multiplayer the Rotor doesn't move like it's supposed to and instead of loading it seems like it freezez. Eventually works then get connection issues though.

Sorry for bad paragraphing or whatever, sleepy lol.


AMD 5000+ X2 64-bit processor.
SLI Nvidia 7900's X2
2 gigs of DDR800 Corsair heatspread RAM

15th Feb 2007, 22:58
no one has any ideas? :(

15th Feb 2007, 23:03
you on cable?

15th Feb 2007, 23:23

16th Feb 2007, 00:03
Goto my Post titled, "Cant Host? Quick Fix!" and do what it says.