View Full Version : Looking for regular Midway players to play with

14th Feb 2007, 21:25
Adult Gamers Elite is a multi-game 18+ clan. We are currently starting to get involved with Battlestations: Midway and are currently looking for mature members who would be interested in playing with us.

Having a full version of the game is not required right now however if you only have the demo, it may limit your ability to play with us some nights if we're running other maps. We will also be running training nights to help get members better familiar with tactics, gameplay and strategies for the game and different maps. We play using voice comms and play using our own servers.

Please PM me or post here and let me know if you'd be interested in playing with us =) I'm usually running a server nightly as well, just look for -AGE- in the server title.

15th Feb 2007, 12:27
Yeah, love to join in the fun.

Where are you located as i'm in the UK. You can add me to your msn list, my email is j.davidson@mixedupmedia.com

15th Feb 2007, 15:03
The majority of us are in the US, I personally am in Canada.

You're added to my MSN =)

15th Feb 2007, 17:57
Wow sounds great

15th Feb 2007, 19:09
Looking for regular Midway players to play with

Wait a Second here!!! "REGULAR"???? Is this just another "Go Away Gramps, your too Old to play" thing again?? Discrimination rears it's ugly head! :nut:

19th Feb 2007, 20:19
Might drop in some time...

After getting the game it self that is.
I'll look you up some time al though my experience with over seas servers is that I lagg quite a bit.

19th Feb 2007, 20:48
God, this is irritating, noone accepts 16, or 17 year olds, this is annoying since lots of games are plagued by rappers, and that