View Full Version : See Server List Through Web Broswer

Tex Vindictive
14th Feb 2007, 13:50
Is there a way to see the server list through a web broswer? I would like to see what's going on and how pings look before going into game.

14th Feb 2007, 14:59
Through the web no, but I haven't tried Gamespy Arcade yet... it might see BSM...

14th Feb 2007, 16:23
It should be possible though if you query gamespy's master servers and seek for the correct strings & ports to retreive all hosts which got registered. Yet, downside is that you've got to refresh the page more frequently then any other game since the users are hosters and if you noticed already how fast servers are appearing and disappearing. Another downside is that you cant jump in into a host. This is a challenge for beeing developped and just only for the information.

Yet, it should give a more clear view to about pings/response times and perhaps other avaiable stuff!