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13th Feb 2007, 15:21
Failing to see a search button i'll go ahead and make this topic, Im having trouble with the last mission on Veteran differculty, I can take out the cruisers, scout planes and sub, then im left with my carriers, ships and various planes and so is the enemy, we kept sending waves of bombers/torpedo planes at each other but couldnt get the upperhand, so it was stalemate till I ran out of fighter planes to cover my carriers, then I restarted the mission, so if you have done this mission on this differculty can you share some pointers and strategies?

13th Feb 2007, 18:16
NM just got it done and even got the 25th best score on the leaderboards, not bad eh?

15th Feb 2007, 19:55
How did you do it? i kept getting into the same situation as you posted initially. all my wildcats get shot down super fast and then the dive bombers and torpedo planes can't get past the destroyers guarding the carriers.

Then you run out of planes and that's it!

I tried sending my cruiser to take out the defending ships but the japanese dive bombers sank it.

I am all out of ideas.

16th Feb 2007, 15:34
Hmm not sure if I can remember exactly but pretty sure I know how to still do it, just I've since did all the challenges and played alot online so the last mission is a little hazy, ok here goes, at the start I put up one sqaud of wild cats to take care of the scout planes, I keep the catalinas in close for when the first sub shows, use the depth charges on that so it doesnt alert the enemy to your location, shortly after the emilys will show up, they are no sweat to take out just put the wildcats on them, now the first cruiser will show up, for this I pit up nothing but dive bombers, excpect for the one sqaud of wildcats which you still have, throw all the bombers at the cruiser and it will go down, have them land and reload bombs for the secod cruiser that will come at you, do the same to that one, if I remember correctly another sub will show up here, this is when I had my destroyers break formation and took control of them to sink it with depth charges, now your safe, no more attacks will come and your free to move into position, I moved my fleet to the far east and to the middle of the map, then I called down my wildcats, and my dive bombers that need fresh bombs, and as soon as I could put up 4 sqauds of 3 dive bombers with each carrier, at this point you should also still have at least one catlina, use them to scout ahead of your fleet, you should have the enemy carriers in view now, be sure not to give them your location by attacking them until all your bombers are up, the key to getting this done is not to let them know where you are until the last minute, once they know they throw everything at you, anyway your bombers should all be in the air now, send them all at once to the first carrier, ignore the escort ships, if done correctly the first carrier will have sunk, now however the escorts will break off towards you, as will all thier planes and rienforcements will turn up and all will look to take you out, this is the make or break part of your level, have all your bombers kamikaze into the next carrier, this wont do too much damage but it lets you put more bombers up ASAP because they wont have time to land and reload before the enemy ships come in range of your carrier, now put up once again all the dive bomber you can, when they are all up send them towards the final carrier, the enemy planes will reach you before you can sink the final carrier so take over control of the AA on the nearest carrier to them and you should pull through thier first bombing wave, by that time your bombers should have been succesful with the last carrier, it could also help to put your destroyers to automatically launch torpedos, anything that slows down the incoming ships helps, but if your fleet is only half way up the map and to the far east they shouldnt reach you, hope this helps, this is nothing to some of the final challenge missions IMO :eek:

16th Feb 2007, 17:19

Thanks for the reply. I still haven't beat it yet. I have been having a few issues with the first two cruisers (i know) but you send squads of torpedo bombers and set them to attack the cruiser and "your" torpedo hits but all the other guys don't do squat. i end up wasting so many planes and then they fire torpedos and sink my cruiser.

17th Feb 2007, 21:10
Uh I just had a quick glance at my post, dont think I said anything about torpedo planes, I only recall using dive bombers on the cruisers, if you don that with what I laid out in the post you should get through it ok.