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13th Feb 2007, 00:45
Hey there.

Did Blood Omen 2 have surround sound (probably EAX)? I'm asking because I'm trying to help get a bunch of older pc games to properly utilize surround sound on the new Windows Vista, but I'm having trouble with BO2. I don't see anything anywhere that says that BO2 definitely features surround sound. Can anyone verify? Thanks.

15th Feb 2007, 04:06
*taps on microphone*

Is this thing on?

5th Mar 2007, 07:03
I don't see anything on the packaging about it. I don't have surround sound gear myself so I can't tell for sure.

Irmok the Mad
30th Apr 2007, 01:47
Q: Does Blood Omen 2 utilize EAX and multiple audio channels (surround sound)?

A: No. Blood Omen 2 is completely in stereo.

Many cutscenes use pre-performed stereo sound files that contain all the sounds, including clashing of swords and stuff (ie: "Vampire!!! Close the gates!" bing, ding, swoosh). So any 3D audio positioning in cutscenes is impossible. And from my experience with my Audigy 4, BO2 does not use surround sound.

There is no EAX option in the windows registry for Blood Omen 2 like there is for Defiance and Soul Reaver 2. So presumibly, it's safe to say EAX isn't included in the game. I hear BO2 was made with the Mad-Dash Racing engine, and this engine does not have EAX as far as I know.

Q: Does Vista support EAX?

A: Only in OpenAL. Vista has no hardware support for DirectSound3D and EAX in DS3D.