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12th Feb 2007, 18:21
Hi everyone,
I've searched around for a while, but I can't seem to find the fix for having no vehicle sounds in the game. I have a SB X-Fi Platinum, and the games works fine on my laptop with on board sound (AC97). With the X-Fi, some of the sounds work, but no vehicles or other dudes that are shooting at me... If any one can help, that would be great. Up to date drivers for everything...


13th Feb 2007, 02:55
No one has any ideas?

3rd Apr 2007, 22:05
I'm having the same problem myself. I've tried all sorts of settings and nothing seems to resolve the issue

8th Apr 2007, 22:17

Sorry if this reply is a bit late for you CMATT425.
But i got this game today, and i have the same problem with vehicle sound.
And i have the same sound card as you do CMATT.
I bellive i can hear all the sounds in the game, exept for my own vehicle.
I do get some sound when i tilt the camera around.

Wich lead me to bellive that it is some sort of surround sound issue.
I have experienced similar sound problems on other games, and i have manage to solve these problems by changing the speaker settings in the game to 2.1 or 4.1 speakers.

Unfortunantly Just Cause does not have such a in game setting.
So i experimented a bit with it, and manage to solve the problem.

Here is what i did to solve the problem:
I have the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum sound card. I opened the volume control panel and changed the speakers from 5.1 to 4.1 and i bellive that solved it for me, as i now can hear my own vehicle.

So the way to solve this problem is to change the speaker settings to 4.1 or lower (ie 2.1). Note, i did not work when i changed it in Windows via the Control Panel menu. I had to do it with the utility that came with the sound card.

I hope this solves it for everyone who experience this problem.
If you dont understand what i tryed to explain, or is something is unclear please PM me and ill try to explain it further.