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12th Feb 2007, 03:54
Hey All

Bought a Logitech Attack 3 USB and this game...

The only issue I'm having is that when trying to configure my controller in game for the Air section, the game is picking up the Z Axis (Throttle) no matter WHAT I do. The only way I've been able to make it work is install the Logitech profiler and actually set the BS:MIDWAY profile to neutralize the Z Axis (0 sensativity, 0 dead zone, 0 range). Very difficult to fly a bloody plane controlling the speed with W/S and the rest of my controls on the stick :P

12th Feb 2007, 04:17

12th Feb 2007, 04:29

Lol...yeah, thanks. I found that AFTER i posted this. There's alot to be said about THOUROGHLY searching the forums...

Now it's time to blow the stars outta the Imperial Navy!!!! (sounds almost stars wars like...)