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11th Feb 2007, 06:19
How to you beat that water dragon thing?

rabid metro
11th Feb 2007, 09:14
BTW, its been mentioned that there may be a bug here that causes this sequence not to work properly. i don't know/can't tell if that is your problem.

assuming that you are bug-free and really want to read this ...

you've already, no doubt, noticed those 4 ridiculous cages hanging in the air. you've probably figured out that a cage is lowered (uselessly it seems) by (grapple) pulling a lever way down underneath that cage. you've noticed that "nessie" can't be killed by bullets. hey! the cages might be useful after all. the trick is positioning nessie just right otherwise the cages crash down without effect. remember the cool gong-like noise when you shot at the lever structures. notice how nessie becomes mesmerized by that gong noise at times. well, when nessie is mesmerized, she turns her head slightly and this is a head-banging moment! quickly, activate the overhead cage, before nessie turns back towards you. if the sequence goes well, nessie will take (1/4) damage and you'll get a cutscene that shows nessie destroying the offending cage structure. repeat that trick with the remaining three cages and you'll ring nessie's bell for good! personally, i started with the far right cage, then far left, then middle right and finally middle left. in the middle area the aiming gets tricky and you always have to worry about dodging the dragon spit. i hope this works for you ...

... oh yeah, there's a video of this and other boss battles on this link:

They say that even dressed in biker gear, Lara isn't really a head-banger, and yet ... :whistle:

11th Feb 2007, 13:57
The only bug is really a tendency sometimes for Lara to grapple anything and everything but what you want her to aim for :lol: On the two you have to grapple from the end of the pier, try to turn Lara so she cannot see the other target, although she will even throw the grapple at the one behind her it will make it more likely she will actually manage to aim for the right thing

13th Feb 2007, 19:57
I know something abbout the bugs, just before the interactive cutscene, your playing lara as she slides down the ramp, but before you tough the slope, and your on the swing pole, and you jump to the slope, the bug:rolleyes: makes lara not slide, she just falls forward hehe...:D

14th Feb 2007, 04:57
I havent really tried to beat it, but today i had about 7 go's and finally beat it straight away, was standing in just the right spot all the time to pull the cages down.