View Full Version : trouble with registering an account

10th Feb 2007, 18:37
my friend is having trouble with registering his account, everytime he thinks of a name it says 'Nickname or e-mail address is already in use, please use alternative' we have tried many different names and still the same message comes up. any help would be really appreciated, thanks!

10th Feb 2007, 20:18
If he already has an gamespy id or account let him use this one. Change in there the nickname he whishes to use!

Else, try to register on gamespy.com and then login in via the game.
To register on gamespy follow the next link: https://login.gamespy.com/login.aspx
Just complete the form on the right pane, subscriptions for the ads are not required.

Remember, once registered the nickname then it will be that nick name that's getting used ingame.
Which is sadly with all GameSpy id'd games.