View Full Version : British Clan Matches

10th Feb 2007, 14:51
Any british clans on here

if so hit me with an FR and well get a 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 sorted

GT - Toon Raccoon

HMS Valiant
10th Feb 2007, 15:27
GT: Fat Evil Dad

Muddled Muppet
16th Feb 2007, 13:13
GT: Muddled Muppet

I can get a freindly game going most weeknights with a bit of notice, thursdays tend to be hardest to get a team tho......

lemme know if you want 2 v 2 or full on 4 v4



27th Feb 2007, 18:55
GT : Sirius99

Sure we can get some PlanetMGC members together and take someone on!:rasp: