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10th Feb 2007, 06:39
This is my favorite game on the 360 right now, but I am going to go play something else. I just can't handle playing an hour long match, and at the end, while the final enemy carrier is sinking, connection lost. I have been able to finish 3 matches out of the last 12 or so matches I've played over the last two days.
I'm sure there are other people who feel this way... make yourselves heard!

10th Feb 2007, 13:25
I agree, it is disappointing to see that, but i think it is from the host shutting down the server, usually because his team lost. To try to solve your problem, play on the same team as the host, and make sure you win, or be the host yourself.

10th Feb 2007, 13:48
Yeah, I'd just host the game yourself, means it can't happen. Though, the loosing team could still quit and you'd get the 'not enough players' message. No way around it, some people are just annoying like that.

HMS Valiant
10th Feb 2007, 15:30
But it would mean a patch.

All Eidos need to do is to give anyone disconnecting early negative points.

Anyway - great game, but this is the most annoying thing about it. There needs to be an incentive to stop people crapping out halfway through when they are getting beat.

10th Feb 2007, 20:43
I learned my lesson about joining random people's rooms in the demo. I always host, or have one of my friends host. We VERY rarely join somebody else's room. I suspect it is a network coding issue? I have no problems in any of my other games, I have cable internet, 4800 mbps DL, 500 UL.

11th Feb 2007, 13:24
sorry for my bad english:

the game is fun, but it really crashes often! it crashes sometimes right at the beginning of the game, it says "connection lost". and i often got freezes with this game, mostly at the beginning of the match or sometimes in the middle...then i have to restart the xbox, i dont have so much freezes that often in other games. a patch would be really fine!

but great game anyway!

Evil Jace
11th Mar 2007, 10:27
lost connection-freezing-and isane amounts of lag is making this game almost unplayable for me online which is a pitty cause i love it

i,ve got a 10mb cable and this is the only xbox game that lags even a 16 player lost planet game works fine but not this.:scratch:

Comm. Codey
11th Mar 2007, 12:29
If I get disconnected it's usually at the end of a battle when it's loading the score screen, this is quite annoying if you've played a good round or when you've been playing the last 30 min and never see the score...

21st Mar 2007, 16:43
Eidos rushed the multiplayer and this is what they get.

22nd Mar 2007, 07:35
please post those kinds of opinions here:


thank you very much


31st Mar 2007, 03:39
please post those kinds of opinions here:


thank you very much


I understand it happens to me too!