View Full Version : Unable to download patch Profiles

16th Oct 2013, 21:44
I am new here. Just bought FFIV for my PS3. Jumped through your 10,000 hoops just to start the game. ( By the Way Very Annoying) . Sat on phone for 1 hr and 12 minutes before hanging up. Sat on the online chat support for an hour and a half before leaving. My game keeps saying server down unable to download patch profiles. Yet I have 5 friends online playing. Getting very Aggrevated and not very happy with the lack of customer service, the process to just play a game, and overall Very discouraged with my first experience with Square Enix! Is this what I have to look forward to. if so I will hand this game to the next kid that walks by and I will post on every public spot I can that the customer service is below unsatisfactory. Please help as I would love to see if this game makes me love it like I did VII & X.

16th Oct 2013, 21:55
This is not the FF14 forum. Please post your question in the appropriate section. Thanks.