View Full Version : trouble with multiplayer

9th Feb 2007, 22:03
i have been having a lot of trouble with multiplayer lately. i have been unable to play even one game due to this. when i try to join a server, i will lag out, sometimes crashing. when i join a server and am able to pick sides and ready up, i will be disconnected. when i try to get to the screen showing the servers i can join, sometimes it will disconnect me and tell me that it was unable to read server data.

10th Feb 2007, 18:39
ive been having same problem, and the freezing never stops, yeh i admit its a brilliant game, but it sucks **** on the multiplayer, so anyone out there with help, please come forward

10th Feb 2007, 20:09
Easy, is your Firewall/router/modem not blocking any ports or blocking any signals?

Be sure to release these ports if you want to play:
27900 ; 28900 ; 29900 ; 29901 ; 3783

If you want to play (when encountering problems)
and host release the next included:
6500 ; 6515 ; 13139
6073 <<- DirectX Online play (dpnsvr.exe - this does something)
1024 & 1042 (how stupid as it is, I need to forward these)

Remember... JOIN only hosts with a ping LESS then 150 tops depending your connection! Else you will have a High latency and you'll be disconnected.