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8th Feb 2007, 22:40
I just got the game and want to go online but wanted some tips first. I dig the planes but really like the subs, any really good sub players yet? The ships are okay, lol, they are the majority of the game, right, but always liked subs. Played the first sub challenge and after getting owned hard, I managed an undetected sneak attack in the middle of the convey, it was sweet! Thanks for any replys. Loving the game but they need a skirmish mode AND a co-op vs AI mode. LOTR needed this too. I always had a blast playing C&C Generals with a buddy or two against the computer, strategy games need this!

8th Feb 2007, 23:12
i think the best tip for subs is wait until you get very close (about 0.2 away) before you fire your torpedoes, when you do fire them, i think that it is best to fire them all at one spot so that you make a huge leak instead of a bunch of small ones,
also, make sure your teammates will help you, if you are in a sub and a DD is heading towards you, ask for some dive bombers to take it out in stead of going for it yourself, while they come to kill the DD, go down to crush depth so that the DD can't see you, that way you will be able to get past it without being found, and the enemy will have no idea where you are,
another idea that you can use to confuse your enemy, if while you are on the surface and just about to dive head in any direction other then where you are really going, once you submerge, head toward your real target, that way if anyone saw you before you went under, they won't know where you are really going, that way when they send DDs and dive bombers with depth charges to intercept you, they will be going to the wrong place, the same idea works if they have you on sonar and you go down to crush depth to get away

10th Feb 2007, 23:36
Other good tactics is don't fear the DD, he's actually very easy to take out as the ideal attack run for a DD is in the same direction as the sub is moving which means you'll either have 4 tubes pointing at him or 2 depending whether he is approaching from the front or rear. If approaching from the front the sub should drive backwards to slow the DDs approach.

2 torps will sink a DD and if you fire when he's at about .2 he wont have chance to turn to miss them which makes him very easy to kill.

What the sub should really fear though is the depth charge bomber. you won't always know they are coming and its pretty much instant death unless you can get to crush depth before they drop the charges which is unlikely. Thankfully, aircraft are usually to busy doing other stuff to go for subs.

HMS Valiant
11th Feb 2007, 14:31
When DDs are coming after you, just go to full reverse at periscope depth and line up so he is coming straight at you. Launch one torpedo at a time (so that you don't get caught with empty tubes). As he closes quickly, the time for the torps to run shortens drastically, so you don't need to worry until he's really close.

DD drivers almost always charge straight at you, so just back off, line up and let them have it. Yes - it's a small target, but it's easier to hit than side on on a DD at full speed - they move so fast.

Backing off also means he can't depth charge you as he has no forward firing anti sub weapons.

The downside of course, is that is you haven't taken him down by the time he gets to you, you are dead meat.

My other tip is as soon as the 2nd torp hits, surface for air. His smoking hulk will protect you from other ships view while you replenish your air supply if you are quick.

11th Feb 2007, 16:58
My advice...go watch U-571 (yes, the one with Matthew McConauhey) and go to the end where he's trying to sink the Nazi destroyer. :lol: That's pretty much what you do if a DDs after you.

11th Feb 2007, 18:21
My advice...go watch U-571 (yes, the one with Matthew McConauhey) and go to the end where he's trying to sink the Nazi destroyer. :lol: That's pretty much what you do if a DDs after you.

I agree insofar as this game is concerned - but U-571 (although I liked the movie, I like ALL sub movies) is a HORRIBLY inaccurate movie. The history channel has a cool series called "history or hollywood" where they review in depth the historical aspects of a movie - for that movie they had a US WWII sub commander and a German WWII sub commander in the studio together and they both agreed that other than the accurate sets, everything they did was pretty much impossible :)

11th Feb 2007, 18:50
I know dude, it was a joke...

12th Feb 2007, 01:22
When i am in the dive bombers with depth charges, i can't see the subs, why is this, am i missing something?

12th Feb 2007, 02:11
Apparently the sub...hahaha.

But realy,I don't know.

12th Feb 2007, 03:10
When i am in the dive bombers with depth charges, i can't see the subs, why is this, am i missing something?

That's because planes don't have sonar. You need to have a sonar capable ship locate them for the planes if they are submerged. If the sub goes to crush depth they won't show up at all and you have to wait for them to come back up a bit.

9th Apr 2007, 23:39
The plane that can see submerged submarines with sonar is the Catalina or its Japanese equivalent. Just press the target acquire button(A) until you have the sub acquired. Then, move in for the kill.

The Admiral

10th Apr 2007, 15:06
Don't be afraid to use depth 4 for extended periods of time to avoid DDs. Sure you take some damage, but it's hard to take enough damage to sink you. This is particularly key when you absolutely have to drive thru that destroyer screen to get to a carrier or BB target.

10th Apr 2007, 23:38
and when you go to crush depth, once you are there i would turn so that i am going any way other then where i was going before, because if you keep going where you were going before, you will often come up to find that the enemy just sent his DD where ahead of you in the direction you were going when he last say you, i have seen it happen a lot before, and doing this will sometimes trick them into going away from you,
but don't rely on this, it doesn't always work, when you go to crush depth, ask the people with planes to send any planes they have up after the DD, or do anything they can to help you, because having a sub sitting beside the enemy carrier can do a lot more damage then a few wings dive bombers can, and the dive bombers can be replaced, while in most maps a sub can't, and even if it can, it takes a while to get to the enemy in a sub, the planes can attack the DD, be recalled, land, launch and get to whatever their target was before they were sent after the DD a lot faster then a sub can get there
remember as a sub you are important!
and to those who aren't in the sub, help him if he needs help, as i said before the sub is important, i hate it when people don't even try to help me, or wait 5 minutes before they send me help,

11th Apr 2007, 04:22
2 torps will sink a DD and if you fire when he's at about .2 he wont have chance to turn to miss them which makes him very easy to kill.

That is if they don't use damage control.

11th Apr 2007, 05:33
i reccomend watching the Widowmaker.... i think thats what its called... it has no sub tactics from ww2 but ITS STILL A BADASS MOVIE

12th Apr 2007, 03:12
That is if they don't use damage control.

This works good when th ai is running the ship, often players let the ai do the sub hunting. However, skilled players can dodge these torps easily. I will
let the ai run it, until about .4 away, so they think they have me, then take over and turn right as it turns .3, ruining the shot, then sink them. THe problem with many, is they rush in for the kill, instead of turnig at 3, then going in for the kill.

I prefer a dd to attack me from the rear, why I have speed up. At best, he will have to dodge and you can turn the opposite direction and get deep, before he can get back to you.

Sometimes, against skilled played, hean on, I launch all four., first a little left,
nect a little right, then two at the middle. Usually the first two lock him into staying the middle road and you get him. Turn and dive.

However, most skilled people cap dd's near subs with planes, the minute they come up, dead.

12th Apr 2007, 14:52
If you are in a DD and you have a sub guy that is trying to sink your DD instead of just getting away from you, this trick will often work against human sub commanders. Doesn't work so well against AI.

Get your DD over the sub after it drops down to depth 4, going the same direction, match speed and direction and basically just park over that sub. Do this for about a minute or so, until he really gets annoyed at holding his breath down at depth 4.

Then speed up all of a sudden to full speed as if you are impatient and pulling away to circle around.

As you pull away a lot of sub commanders will immediately start to surface in order to get a shot at you as you come around. But what you do as soon as you have a ship's length ahead of the sub, hit full reverse and then back right back over him. You can even easily steer on him if he starts to turn.

The sub commander still sees your props turning, and for a brief moment doesn't realize that you are now going in reverse. He still thinks you are pulling away and keeps coming up. By the time he realizes you are backing onto him he can't drop back down quick enough and you have the back end of your DD dropping depth charges all over him.