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8th Feb 2007, 22:25
Okay, I'm pretty fed up with this. Despite using several different types of video drivers (DH0 0.9291, nGO v.19792, and even the default nVidia Forceware drivers 93.81), Just Cause still has insane video stuttering problems on my system. It starts stuttering the moment I get on the road on my first mission. Decreasing the resolution does not help. I also tried increasing the APG Aperture size to 256mb and even 512mb, but I still get 10-15 fps. Anybody got any solutions?

My specs are (well above the system requirements!):

AMD 3200+ 2.1 ghz
1024 DDR400 MB RAM
nVidia Geforce 6800 LE

26th Mar 2007, 18:14
I had this kinda problem using Nvidia 6600 on Vista 64. I had all the latest drivers and the video was choppy and so was the sound. I have a dual boot so I could compare XP SP2 vs Vista 64. In Vista - kill off that sidebar rubbish AND, well, the Nvidia video drivers are poor so I dumped the card and went ATI x1950 - ATI drivers MUCH better - ok so's the card, but I did some benchmarks of video perf on XP SP2 vs Vista in games and with the NVIDIA card the performance rate was 40% down. With the ATI card and drivers, max of 25% down, but averaging at 10% lower in Vista. Bottom line JC ran FINE in XP on both cards, but in Vista 64, the game needed a better card and drivers to get "decent" gameplay. Either use XPSP2 for JC or upgrade the card. I hope that helps, cos I couldn't find ANYTHING on the net to help and I looked for ages when I was having perfomance issues in games on Vista.....
Vista EATS your frame rates!!!!

26th Mar 2007, 22:13
I am actually running exactly the same specs, believe it or not. I didn't have any problems with the game though. I'm only running XP, so if you have Vista that might be the problem. I know there were a lot of problems with Vista and Just Cause, but mostly Vista in particular.