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rabid metro
8th Feb 2007, 03:21
what are the clues or prompts for finding the gold secret in bolivia?

i think the game provided ways to find most of the gold secrets.
the hardest three to me were bolivia, peru and the mansion.

the mansion wasn't so hard as it was just long and involved ...

i knew the peru gold secret had to be in "there", but i gave up and was leaving the place when i noticed a certain boulder ...

however, i was never able to figure out the bolivia gold secret.
i still feel like a better clue was needed,
something like seeing the glow of the secret from the vantage point that you had when you entered that room way up high.
you shouldn't have seen the glow when you sank down into the room.

so what were the clues for finding the gold in bolivia?
i got the gold secret, ...
i'm just asking how should someone REALLY figure this out?
if you figured this out, what was your reason? ...

obviously replies to this thread (if any) should be considered spoilers so don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled!

8th Feb 2007, 13:20
Well i have played a lot different puzzle games so i just was 100% sure that bolivia gold is in that room. Then after little thinking i just got place where they hided it. For me finding gold rewards wasnt hard.

Its pretty much like in GTA (Grand theft auto) i dont like these games, but i have played them and i had Vice City... well i try to play all my games throug regardless is it good or bad game, so i found 92 hidden packages there without any help, 8 last packages i found only with walkthrough. So it was good training and in Legend is only 8 gold so it wasnt hard to find them.

9th Feb 2007, 02:00
Like all the previous Tomb raider games...you have to look around and explore. Also in the cutscene where the door moves, the hidding place was very noticable

rabid metro
9th Feb 2007, 03:31
i have to agree that looking around and exploring is a key to Tomb Raider ... but what was the motivation to think that if i just froze this massive door halfway in its tracks i might be able to reach a hidden place?

when you came up to the door, you had to notice that it was climbable, which i suppose is a clue, but what would make you think "stop the door halfway" (i mean as opposed to 3/4 or 1/4 or whatever)???

i'll take another look at the cutscene. it could be that i missed the prompt there ...

how did others figure this out???

They say that 1 gold secret is worth more than 10 bronze secrets!

9th Feb 2007, 12:41
I was just thinking that this gold reward must be in that room. Also is is very easy to see that there is something upon door.. some room or something and like rapid said it easy to notice that its climbable, so i started to think what i must do to get there.

9th Feb 2007, 16:00
In my case, Mr. Metro, when I first opened the door, I did not catch on that there might be a secret there. I would have passed it right by, except I did notice one thing. As I was about to go through the doorway, I noticed I could climb on a crack in the wall right beside the door. Now why would there be something to climb on right there? I finally realized the crack in the door could line up with the crack in the wall, and then I noticed the opening above the door. Of course it was too late at this point to get the secret (I think, I didn't try), so I had to load a previous savegame to get it, but in my case it was the crack in the wall that led me to find the secret. I don't know how you would have known what to do before getting there.

10th Feb 2007, 03:44
Actually l went past it twice and never noticed, second time l did look and could not see it so l was convinced it had to be where the columns were. Third time l had looked at everything in fine detail and noticed it finally. There are only 3 positions for the door, closed, fully open or halfway, it does not stop anywhere else. Having tried to climb up to the secret l worked out l had to change the position of the door somehow. The spent 20 minutes mucking around with boxes. l was so sick and tired of those cutscenes and that tiger that by the end l was an expert at avoiding the tiger and skipping cutscenes. Eventually settled on rolling over the back left plate to get the door in the right position. the cutscene is what makes it so hard to get the door to stop halfway, but if you roll straight over it to trigger the cutscene, you can actually stand on it the second time and just jump of when it is in the right position. l worked that out on the fourth run :)