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8th Feb 2007, 02:17
Let me just say that I found this game had amazing, beautiful graphics. I was wondering though what the "Next-Gen" graphics meant. Does it mean that these graphics are supposed to be a step higher? Because when you have it turned off, when Lara comes out of water she looks wet. But with the "Next-Gen" graphics turned on, this doesn't happen.
Thanks! :)

9th Feb 2007, 02:51
l think that was just a glitch with the PC version, the XBox 360 version l think she gets wet

13th Feb 2007, 20:00
actually, xbox360, lara dosn't get wet, but I don't know about the pc gltch because I don't have legend for pc:whistle:

14th Feb 2007, 03:59
They must have somehow forgot then, CD did the XBox360 version and Nixxes ported it to PC so that explains why the PC version Lara did not get wet. Pity it would have looked so good in next gen graphics

Captain Mazda
14th Feb 2007, 12:07
Plus some of the dresses didn't allow Lara to get dirty, sweaty, or wet. Otherwise the PC next-gen graphics are stunning.

Legendary Lara Croft
19th Feb 2007, 00:07
she did get wet and was dripping water and had water drops on her skin on my pc, weird... graphics is amazing indeed