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23rd Jul 2012, 16:36
Well I have Sazh as a monster now and I was just wondering if I could get some good tips on a proper Synergist infusion because youtube just jumps around with him. I mean I understand that every infusion is different depending on how it works for the individual but I would like to know what infusions would give him more buffs. Also the other problem I have been having is that my Synergist will die off first before he can really help me out is Sazh really the best Synergust in the game? or is it the Purple Chocobo? I'm just looking for help so please fello gamers help me out :)

23rd Jul 2012, 17:08
Honestly neither of them are if you use feral links, one of the dancer birds (think it starts with a Y, can't remember though, Yashiki maybe?) gives you all of the major buffs with an easy to do feral link and you can switch back quickly from it. Here is a guide on all of the recommended infusion setups, do a ctrl -> f of this (Monster-----: Sazh) without the parenthesis to go straight to Sazh's section. This will give you a detailed description of how to get what others consider the "best" abilities on him and recommendations on what role abilities to infuse him with.

www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/619315-final-fantas... (http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/619315-final-fantasy-xiii-2/faqs/63731)

23rd Jul 2012, 18:05
Thanks for the help on that.