View Full Version : Plane crash in Nepal

7th Feb 2007, 03:03
I'm stuck in Nepal after you retrieve the key from the plane. After the plane has fallen off the cliff, I jump onto the slope and then onto the pole. The pole breaks before I can do anything - even before I can start swinging. Is there meant to be another way?

rabid metro
7th Feb 2007, 06:00
when you catch that first pole it is already starting to break (a clue!),
... sooo there's no time for swinging (which is your first impulse).

anyone who's made it through england knows the answer to today's strategy quiz:
since you don't have time to swing on that first icy pole, you have to:
a) continue to try and swing anyway.
b) just hang in there, and hope for a lucky break.
c) jump back to the slippery slope of certain doom.
d) jump forward and pray ...

They say that in Nepal, swingers are generally regarded as losers ... :whistle:
They say that in spite of the fact that Lara has cat-like reflexes, she doesn't have nine lives!

8th Feb 2007, 02:13
Thanks for the advice, I figured it out anyway. Instead of stopping and then swinging all you have to do is keep holding UP as you jump. It's all too easy once you've done it!:rolleyes: