View Full Version : BS:M, Windows Vista, and DX9.0c

7th Feb 2007, 02:02
Obviously Windows Vista comes with DX10 installed.

However, I was prompted to install DX9.0c during the game installation... I cancelled; thinking that reverting back to DX9 under Vista could be bad, and that I thought Vista was supposed to be backward compatible with DX9 games.

Well, after a successful installation, sans DX9, BS:M says that .dll's related to DX9 are missing.

Any other Vista users experience this? Is it even safe to install DX9.0c?

Thanks in advance.

7th Feb 2007, 02:05

7th Feb 2007, 02:19
Install directx 9, it won't do any harm. In some cases it might be necessary.

7th Feb 2007, 03:10
Roger that, will give it a shot. Thanks for the response!