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6th Feb 2007, 18:37
Im playing IG singel player and im new.
I just captured"saint peters burg"and the country got my collor but it shows dark and i can not build there yet.
I played a lot"next turn's"but it stay dark.
Someone have a cleu about what to do to get that country?:scratch:


6th Feb 2007, 20:45
You don't 'get' capitals as such you don't get to build there or something you can only have your units there, it will remain dark.

7th Feb 2007, 04:13
Ecuse me,and im dutch and not a master in your language but i realy like to know this.

The plan is to make Izhora part of my owned land and make it produce.
I started with England and i got Norway,Sweden and finland captured and made them produce.
I think you just told me that this will never work with IzHora,is that correct?
It got my collor but it stay dark and it never start produce?

My game manual says:Iff you destroi a lot in a country it need time te rebuild and it need some extra antension/action to make it produce.(dutch manual)
But what do i need to do,or how many"next turn's"must i play,it is like it takes forever.

The game manual is not so clear to me at the part"annexation".
I also have a red flag with a small white sign in that country Izhora but i cant find that flag with that sign back in my game manual.

i apriciate the help very much.
Thanks so far.


Ps,ik zie net dat u nederlands spreekt,het zou het eenvoudiger kunnen maken.

7th Feb 2007, 06:26
Does the icon your talking about look like those?

7th Feb 2007, 19:10
Yes that is the flag i have and they stay in that country.
Thanks for the screenshot to help.

8th Feb 2007, 06:16
OK, using that picture as an example.

As you can see, I have Ireland and Scotland under my control including England. As you know, England is a capital, therefore you can not build anything there. Ireland and Scotland are provinces which you can build on.

In that picture, I have captured England and therefore, all their lands fell under my control. IF you want to capture Ireland and Scotland for yourself (not with the icon) you must have armies in both territories, make peace with England and you'll annex those two territories, later on, if you wish, you can attack England and then occupy the capital.

In other words, if you occupy the capital first, you will not be able to anex their lands, I hope this makes sense, and that I got it right, its been a long time since I played the game.:scratch:

8th Feb 2007, 08:27
Thanks for explain and i also hope that your richt becouse i understand what you wrote.
Izhora is also a Capital and as i understand,i need to make piece with Izhora.

This is what happened with finland(at that time it was under controll of russia);i did send my troops into it and captured the coutry......later russia asked for piece in a hard time where i weak my coutry instead of making stronger,i sayd yes and they left finland for me and i for extra money,pruduce,people and food.
I did not realise that it had something to do with each other :lol:

But now i got Izhora and it was under controll of Russia,but it was Russia's last country,there is no Russia left.
So when i goto the list for"Diplomatic relations"i can not ask for piece anymore becouse there is also no russia in that list sinds they are gone from my map.
I dont know what to do with Izhora now.
Any sugestion?
Just hold the land or leave it?(but when i leave i got message that i schould stay lol)
Or ignore the situation for now?
Thanks so far,i think its my own tactic and management for now but what would you do in this situation?

Its hard to me but i like to take time for each move on that map.(like chess)
I try to get the hole map under my controll but i got stock,that is why i had to come here for help.

Its a great game :thumbsup:

greetings and thanks,


9th Feb 2007, 21:30
If you want you can ignore the message and leave Izorha. If Russia only has its capital as a province, they will, generally speaking be too weak to form a large enough army to be a problem. If you do leave Izorha and restor its soveriengty, just leave an army or two near by, that way if they ever decide to contest some lands, just invade the capital again and let them learn their lesson :rasp:

10th Feb 2007, 10:32
Or do what I do take all there terrtories then send a peace treaty that demands all land captured to me and they only end up with there capital:whistle: