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5th Feb 2007, 23:44

It seems to me that it is complete luck when trying to damage ships ( the heavier types ) with anything but torp's.

The last plane challenge... ive hit the ships with 6*250 KG bombs-watched em hit and i did about 10 % damage-then i've seen 6 land around the ship( not on it ) and it do 10-30 % damage-WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
anyone else had the same issue???


6th Feb 2007, 00:32
as stupid as that sounds, it kinda makes sense
when a bomb hits in the water very close to a
ship it tends to do more damage because of the
concussion created on the hull. Ship sinks faster
because of it

6th Feb 2007, 00:42
If you've done the Sub challenges and seen the PBY dropping DC's on you then you'd know that there may still be some lateral motion below the water line...

:scratch: I'm not sure how much impact this would have on bombs (no pun intended) and this could also result in a near miss bomb actually making a hit on a ship (below water line could be more devastating as well).

6th Feb 2007, 11:04
mmmmmmmmm- so what do u go for then -the ship or the sea around it???
thx for the info fellas:)

6th Feb 2007, 11:40
Hehehe, hey Grath... Evilbones here.... Look mate, stop complaining.... Your crap and just admit it :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hehe, j/k... But I do have to agree with you the damage bombs at times is rather pathetic tbh... Id do more damage throwing my pants out the cockpit ^^

:nut: :nut:

6th Feb 2007, 12:10
Hi Bones- yes your crusty pants could damage the Titanic!!!!!
and you are meant to look out the front of the plane when bombing!!:mad2: :rasp:

Grafraith ( bomber extraodinaire ):whistle:

6th Feb 2007, 18:30
This is like this on the PC version too..

I will hit the ship (BB or CA or DD) and they say " Direct Hit sir!" I come back and look after I reload the next wave is inbound.. Absoulte NO DAMAGE at ALL!!

Hint: use depth charges , aim for the side of the ship or front, and it will hit their HULL and cause more damage ( I think some1 correct me if wrong )

18th Feb 2007, 02:51
i have never tried the depth charge idea, if someone could try it and post it back on here that would be great.

18th Feb 2007, 05:19
yes, i found the sweet spot on the destroyer (old) for single player that if hit once or twice it'll take the ship down, I'm working on Battleships and Destroyr (new) right now, Carriers are next.

18th Feb 2007, 14:26
For smaller ships there isn't a problem but the bigger ships don't forget had amour plating on the top deck desighned to minimise the damage from 15" shells. A 1000lb bomb is never going to harm that which is how it is represented in the game. Destroyers and carriers are vunreble but battleships and cruisers need the torp bombers.

19th Feb 2007, 15:01
I would rely on a combined attack with dive bombers and torpedo bombers for heavily armored vessels. Torps normally will do the job for CAs and BBs but they require a dive bomb attack to overwhelm the damage control efforts.

19th Feb 2007, 23:11
torpedo planes are usually quite easy to shoot down

dive bombers do less damage but their difficulty to shoot down when in a dive means that ull have a higher hit ratio.

20th Feb 2007, 22:41
It only takes one 1000lb bomb to sink a destroyer if it hits it in the magazine which is just in front of the aft guns.

21st Feb 2007, 14:45
true, but destroyers aren't usually the biggest concern- BBs & CAs are

21st Feb 2007, 19:49
And that would be when you send in the tropedo planes;)

21st Feb 2007, 21:32
as i have said in other threads you need to use both torpedoes and bombs in unison, bombs start fires, and torps flood it. Bombs are perfect as they are, it how you use them, in reality bombs rarely sunk ships unless in mass numbers or well targeted, and fluke shots (sometimes including the less intelligent capain). Small ships were the only thing that could be taken out with bombs in less numbers, while the big things took pounding after pounding.

21st Feb 2007, 23:40
sure enough ships as heavily armoured as the Yamato & Musashi took many bombs to knock out.

but there are many instances when a single 1000lb bomb could cripple or sink a battleship- USS Arizona for example.

multiple hits from large 1000lb bombs may not sink all battleships but they would do heavy damage to the ship.

22nd Feb 2007, 21:03
The bobmbs used at Pearl Harbor were modified 18" shells from the Yamoto. They were armor percing and not at all like a normal bomb, except for their delivery method. That is why the Arizona was finally taken out with one piercing through the deck and into the magazine of turret #2.

5th Jul 2007, 00:41