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5th Feb 2007, 19:16
If you've played as aircraft a little, you'll probably notice that torpedos and bombs do very little damage to BB's and Carriers if the the said ships have full crews on leak or fire damage depending.

I'm looking for a friendly get together to determine what kind of damage actually takes place, and looking for sweet spots. For instance, how much diifference does it make if the torpedos hit at different leak locations, and different sides of the ship. And where is the best place to hit those BBs with dive bombers?

It will also be for those looking to practice with anything, planes, subs, bb's etc. We can set up stationary targets or moving targets, practice hitting them with torpedos and dive bombs and artillery.

If anyone is interested, look me up. Gamertag = Molkien

I'm around pretty much all day for now, most of the week. Let me know.

5th Feb 2007, 23:26
And where is the best place to hit those BBs with dive bombers?

Dive bombers are kinda ineffective against battleships, but torpedo bombers can knock one out with good placement.

5th Feb 2007, 23:42

It seems to me that it is complete luck when trying to damage ships ( the heavier types ) with anything but torp's.

The last plane challenge... ive hit the ships with 6*250 KG bombs-watched em hit and i did about 10 % damage-then i've seen 6 land around the ship( not on it ) and it do 10-30 % damage-WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
anyone else had the same issue???


6th Feb 2007, 11:25
you're right, Graf, that's why Molkien's idea is good.

I'll definately help practice/experiment in the game to figure it out. I've been collecting notes... if I get enough I may be able to cram together a faqs/walkthrough oe something. Plus, it'll help me get more familiar with the maps.(without the distraction of combat)

I'll send you a FR, Molkien.

7th Feb 2007, 04:05
i have done something like this before, and it is hard to find the sweet spots, i went after them with dive bombers, and i hit the sweet spots a few times (each time on a different ship), but whenever i tried again i couldn't hit it, it is very hard, but to make it easier, set your AI ships orders to auto fire OFF, that way they won't shoot at you when you are trying to shoot them

7th Feb 2007, 04:37
If anyone is interested, look me up. Gamertag = Molkien

i actually hosted a couple of games with you last night. forgot which map we were playing, i'm thinking i was the yamato when playing with you...

anyway, on that same map i took out each of the US BBs with three squadrons of Torps each when playing as the CV. If you can get direct hits with multiple planes at nearly the same time....ship is sunk. However, i have found that dive bombers are not that effective against CV/BB as they tend to only knock out the weapons or flight deck temporarily. but then again i could not be using them correctly.

7th Feb 2007, 16:13
Yea, I think i just need to become more effective with timing my torpedo runs. I also need to try hitting all the spots on the ship, and not just the same ech run and see if thats more effective. Again thats why I would like to organize a practice session. We could invite everyone into a private chat so we can hear each other on opposite teams.