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5th Feb 2007, 16:16
I'm running a pretty new PC (Dell 3.2 GHz, 2GB RAM, Nvidia 9700 I think.. it was close to top of the line last July), I am also running Vista.

The game seems fine when it starts, but about every 1-2 minutes it simply seems to freeze. If I ctrl-alt-del and then cancel back, it will run fine for 15 seconds to 3 minutes and then the cycle repeats.

I am not having problems with any other graphic intensive programs. Is anyone else experiencing this?

FYI, I have tried compatibility mode for XP as well.


5th Feb 2007, 16:45
I have the same issue. My spec is XPS1710,NVIDIA 7950 GX2,2GB.... running VISTA BUSINESS. I looks like a VISTA issue :mad2: , or the drivers I have for Vista. As its a DELL I can only use their drivers until NVIDIA sorts out GO drivers. Having said that, all other games (that should run of Vista) RUN LIKE A DREAM ON THE HIGHEST SETTINGS.

It seems the only way to let the game continue is to ALT-TAB back to desktop and then ALT-TAB back to game....

I did some investigation in the Application Event Log... which has a bunch of "Desktop Windows Manager" entries in it. Not sure if this points to a clash in Desktop vs. Game running.

I am really expecting it NOT to be Vista issue, as they say it is compatible and being just released it DAMN WELL should not be! ****

Anyone else have this problem (especially if you are running on WindowsXP/2000 so to prove its not an OS issue), please add below - SO WE CAN PUT ON THE PRESSURE TO PATCH THIS SOME HOW...

5th Feb 2007, 16:55
FYI, I have tried compatibility mode for XP as well, and game ran slower - until it "froze" again! :(

Von Smeed
5th Feb 2007, 17:42
See if this helps guys...http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929427

With any new OS I wait until all the bugs have been fixed before buying and taking a chance of having issues preventing me from enjoying both new and older games. Vista seems to have issues with 8 out of 10 games currently on the market.

Hope the update helps.;)

5th Feb 2007, 17:52
Appreciate the link - I agree that it is risky, but if a game announces it is "compatible with..." an OS then it should be right? and it does not help those "fortunate" consumers who are buying machines now with Vista default.

Although the readme says System Reqs are:

OS: Windows XP Home, Pro, 64bit edition, Windows Vista

...that seems like a floating statement given that the editions of Vista include different components (especially Ultimate).

I am just wondering what BSM does (or calls) that the others (that do run fine) do not.... :mad2:

Hope the support/developers are reading these issues! :whistle:

Tex Vindictive
5th Feb 2007, 18:22
You try the video settings on low and work up?

5th Feb 2007, 18:26
Yeah, tried also "low"-est or "disabled" all settings... still freezes until you switch back to desktop and then back to game again.

oh links with this entry too...


5th Feb 2007, 20:28
its nothing with windows vista, i bought the game as my launch title for vista and works great except multiplayer, the game always freezes for multiplayer when the demo works fine

5th Feb 2007, 21:26
Could be an NVIDIA driver glitch then (as NVIDIA seems to be a commonality between those who have reported this), but what the 'eck is blocking the game running with consistency is beyond my "little" brain.... :scratch:

When things just happen in one game (and I'm not talking about a complete blow up of the system) then this does confuse me.

Maybe it is testing a "new" feature of an existing DirectX or NVIDIA driver function? ..... :lol:

++++ I just found this:

"Battlestations Midway Developer Diaries".... http://features.teamxbox.com/xbox/1866/Battlestations-Midway-Developer-Diaries/p1/

"Back in 2003 or so, a guy was doing his final research project at Technische Universitat Ilmenau in Germany. He wanted to illustrate the use of the vertex and pixel shader technology introduced in DirectX 8; a task he took on with the support of developer relations at Nvidia. For some crazy reason he named his technology after a favourite Swedish metal band: Megshuggah. And it just so happened that the algorithms he developed were great at creating an ocean surface. We searched out his name (Carsten Wenzel) and contacted him for permission to use his algorithm, and to our great delight he was happy to see it incorporated into Midway."

Great, so there are a number of things to point out here:

1. NVIDIA were involved in the original graphics/math. stuff (!!!???!!)
2. It was built on a student project but gave permission for Midway team to use nice algorithms for the ocean stuff.
3. Part of points 1 and 2 may be the reason why it is freezing the game!

Ok, I will stop sounding off...

6th Feb 2007, 03:53
It was Nvidia drivers for me. Here is the link to the 1/31/07 drivers for 32-bit Vista. I am now completely free of freeze ups.


Please post back if this works for you.


6th Feb 2007, 08:57
Hi, thanks for the update....

I will have to wait until DELL update their mobile .inf for the new GO driver (current one is dated 1/19/2007) to see if this solves the issue.

Current Version:

Video: nVidia GeForce GO 7950 GTX, Quadro FX 3500M, Driver, Windows Vista 32-bit, Multi Language, Precision M90, XPS MXG061, v.97.46, A02

DELL GO 7950GTX Driver, v.97.46, A02 (http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/download.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen&releaseid=R143879&SystemID=XPS_M1710&os=WLH&osl=en&deviceid=13188&devlib=0&typecnt=1&vercnt=2&formatcnt=1&libid=6&fileid=192101)

Von Smeed
6th Feb 2007, 18:55
It was Nvidia drivers for me. Here is the link to the 1/31/07 drivers for 32-bit Vista. I am now completely free of freeze ups.


Please post back if this works for you.


Glad your up an running! Hopefully those using Vista will have a service pack soon.

8th Feb 2007, 07:37
Just an update from me too, I went back to XP and I have had no problems (with same spec. but the XP version of the GO 7950 driver).

So I now have 2 partitions, one for XP and one for a Vista "testbed"....

Ce la vie. :nut: