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Von Smeed
5th Feb 2007, 14:27
Hi everyone! Just picked up this game yesterday and having a great time!

After seeing the movie "Flags Of Our Fathers" and playing the game I would love to see some mods make those 16 inch guns rumble and shake like in the movie.:D

Also...Hey Chip5541!;)

5th Feb 2007, 15:09
*waves* welcome

yeah. I would love to see some heavier bass. I want to seel the air coming out of my speakers like they do in SHIII. Bass so heavy it moves my hair. :nut:

5th Feb 2007, 16:15
That gets my vote! Seems a pity that the superb ship graphics ( particulary pleasing to an old naval hand used to pushing icons around ) aren't matched by the audio. The strange hissing noise emanating from the turrets kinda reminds me of a Tomahawk launch. And as for the smoke trails............

Otherwise brilliant game, lots of fun.

7th Feb 2007, 00:49
the game does have one problem and its the battleships.
the new york class battleship are the new york bb34 and texas bb35
the arizona is apart of the pennsylvania class of battleship included are pennsylvania bb38 arizona bb39
all four above have 14inch guns
iowa class iowa bb61 new jersey bb62 missouri bb63 wisconsin bb64
these 4 ships armed with 9-16in guns
at pearl harbor there where california west virginia maryland tennessee west virginia arizona nevada pennsylvania
i wished the game had made these right. the game is awesome but these stick out in my mind the US battleships are all wrong
other class battleships include the tennessee class both tennseess and california
new mexico class new mexico mississsippi idaho
nevada class nevada oklahoma
colorado class colorado maryland washington west virginia
north carolina class north carolina washington
south dakota class south dakota indiana massachusetts alabama
alaska class alaska guam

7th Feb 2007, 14:02
Yes the sound effects could use some amping up :)

8th Feb 2007, 06:48
yes, this game did mess up on the allied battleships. why just the prince of whales? it was sunk, along with the repulse, by japanese airpower in southeast asia. they had very little to do with the pacific war. however, being able to drive the nevada or pennsylvania would be my dream. i would much prefer being able to drive around the pennsylvania or nevada than in an iowa, north carolina, or south dakota class ship.