View Full Version : You know what I hate about multiplayer

5th Feb 2007, 10:09
When the game ends because the idiots on the other team quit when they realize the game's not going their way. Is there a way to filter some users from joining? It happened twice last night.

5th Feb 2007, 10:33
It should be made so that the AI takes over when people in MP leave, allowing you to finish the game and feel the joy of victory. Other games do it that way.

This game already has AI taking over most units during the game anyway, so not implementing this VERY obvious option in MP is another case of developers simply not thinking and not doing their homework....

5th Feb 2007, 10:35
Not to mention, the fact that at the end it displays the 'losing banner' with your resignation, when it was the other team that in fact lost.. heh.

5th Feb 2007, 15:02
Yep, it would be great to place a cursor over a players name and see how many times they manually disconnected or left a game. I was playing the Steel Monsters map on a very good server as Japanese. Next thing I noticed I have the last 2 ships and there are 7 American ships remaining. The good part was my BB was only 10% damaged and most of the American ships had serious damage 75%+. After killing 3 of the ships and moving in on the last 4 the server was brought down. Oh well.

If you manually disconnect from a game then that should follow your tag along in game for some period of time.

5th Feb 2007, 17:04
How can you tell when someone leaves manually?

I've been on the winning side and a few people leave. I'm thinking they suck for leaving, only to be dropped 5 seconds later.

5th Feb 2007, 19:43
It's hard to miss when a message pops up saying there aren't enough players remaining and once the lobby opens it's just you and your team-mate. ;)

I find I've been winning half the time, give or take, and even if I'm getting my butt kicked and I know the end is nigh I still have enough decency and respect for my opponents, who've invested a half-hour or so of their time to play me, to go down kicking to the bitter end -Unlike some honorless weasels who figure they're losing so they bail out and cheat their opponents out of a proper victory. It's called sportsmanship.

I find it odd there is no obvious way to kick or ban people from joining who either swear too much or act disruptively (or ruin the game by being ill-mannered weasels). It's not like it's a public server...it's my computer. I should have at least SOME means of descerning who I let on my own machine. Maybe there's an ingame password feature I missed somewhere. You can ignore someone in a forum...you should be able to filter them out of your games just as easily without having to resort to passing ip adresses around or locking out the rest of the world with a password.

Edit: The times everyone stuck around (and knew what they were doing) were great fun though. Especially when you can actually witness teamwork (ie. someone moving a destroyer to protect another players aircraft-carrier from subs etc...).

5th Feb 2007, 19:45
Someone smarter than us could figure it out. To leave the game you have to do something hit esc and then quit right - well somehow log that step. I do not have an answer but if a host could see a name tag with the number of times they droppe that might clean up the original rooster a bit.

5th Feb 2007, 19:52
That would be nice. Some way to just right-click on a joiner's name in the lobby and ban by IP would be perfect.

I predict early-quitting is going to become the #1 gripe for online play. It's not like a 5 minute counterstrike match....These things can go on forever! Nothing like seeing the plug pulled after playing for a half-hour.

Oh well. Still lotsa good times though. I like it alot better online than I thought I would.

5th Feb 2007, 20:06
When you go in and play as a group. Here at the Old Fartz Gaming Community, we will give our team mates extra ships, planes, U-Boats or whatever else we have in tow. That way we all keep playing.

Those that are there alone always leave when they run out of ships, cause their team mates are greedy. We got a good thing going. Group Play is the Only Way!

Like last night, ScottWAR had one carrier left, they had the Yamato. He gave each of us(8 player map), planes to assualt with. Me and TBoss were fighting a losing Battle and Operation Phoenix was making movies of our Epic Moments.

We had a Ball!! We still lost, but we have the best time doing it :D

It just don't get any better then that!

5th Feb 2007, 20:24
I've gotta find out how to do that! I noticed it last night....lost my last ship and a message comes up telling me to cycle to another! How cool is that?

5th Feb 2007, 23:13
BTW the Yamato is next to impossible to sink as we found out

6th Feb 2007, 14:13
BTW the Yamato is next to impossible to sink as we found out

Last night we won that map by sinking the Yamato. I started as a BB and took the Yamato down to about 50% health. Eventually I was given a Carrier when my BB went down. It took many, many torpedo planes to finally bring her down. We were down to one carrier and a BB versus the Yamato, a BB, and a DD. The AAA support from the ships was intense.