View Full Version : Tomb Raider Problems Still -- Damn!

5th Feb 2007, 03:45
Hi im still stuck in West Africa what it is lara craft is in this temple i had just gotten her passed these moving blades but i still cant get her passed this damn rolling bolder, i am a handicaped man with a slighty bad left hand i have seen a video on how to out run the bolder i understand it and i get the idea of what to do but because of my bad hand i cant exicute the move fast enough, compounding the problem this part of the game you have to be real quick before the screen reloads i really need help to fix this problem. I've already been to a couple of websites, i went to a couple e-mail addresses, ive even called a few phone numbers but all i keep getting is a runaround it like no one wants to be bothered with this like said i need help to fix this problem thanks --- MIKE

5th Feb 2007, 04:29
One last small thing I can think of. Maybe your pc is preventing you from responding fast enough. Try turning down your graphics quality settings and resolution, and see if you are then able to respond faster.

rabid metro
5th Feb 2007, 04:36
i think "BassViper" recently suggested what i consider to be the best advice here. it is a more efficient strategy than the one i used to use to beat this challenge ...

if necessary, maybe you can get someone else to do this ...
after you get the "blue Lara" prompt, which means that control has returned to you and that you had better run (btw, this doesn't always happen) then you had better respond quickly and head directly away from the boulder (forget about zigzagging towards the apparent openings). When you get to the "obstacles" simply roll under them and keep moving forward. timing the roll is critical and camera angles are a consideration but it will work nicely, so if you don't succeed at first then try, try again. avoid any motion to the sides, as this will waste valuable time.

They say that Lara has a "jones" for outrunning boulders.
They say that Lara learned how to roll fast by watching boulders ... :scratch: