View Full Version : Ghana How Do I Kill This Corny Lad Ei?

4th Feb 2007, 20:51
Yo sup ? I have a BIG MASSIVE ENORMOUS BIG PROBLEM! I m in Ghana , at the end of the level, i think, where i need to kill that stupid lad. The thing is his power fills every bloody time he s going up o them things. Tried to kill him with grens and the riffle but the moment he s left with a tiny little bit of strength he s going up again AND ****IN HELL!!! Ladies and gents:scratch: got any advises? Thanks !!

4th Feb 2007, 23:47
Hi p3rc3ph0n3. You must be talking about Rutland. Look for Rutland (or other foes) in this thread.


5th Feb 2007, 00:26
You can also go to this link and watch a neat clip on another way:

rabid metro
5th Feb 2007, 05:04
... I m in Ghana ...
<<rutland's>> power fills every bloody time he s going up o them things.
got any advises?

you've been given very good spoilers ...

i'd like to suggest a strategy that, IMO, can enhance your enjoyment of the game, in general:
take an objective look at the mess you are in, and then consider your choices.

for example,
you say rutland keeps jumping up, etc.

can you prevent this from happening?
immediately fighting rutland and responding to his taunts is the obvious path.
do you have to follow this path?

They say that every "hard challenge" contains a "clear angle, dhh". ;)
They say that even persephone knows that good things come to those that ... wait? :scratch: