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15th Oct 2013, 22:34
As some of you may already know, AMD has recently released their new API known as Mantle (http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantle_%28API%29) and I was just hoping this was taken notice since it is suppose to be a lot better than Direct X (including the upcoming 11.2) and OpenGL. The AMD mantle is supported not only with their new GPUs, but also Nvidia's GPUs which is great news since it means nearly everyone can use it... But, it seems Nvidia has had this sort of technology for years, but for some reason they kept it hidden and was only really use for some effects like in Battlefield 3 (as far as I know): link (http://https://developer.nvidia.com/nvapi).

Basically, what I am getting at is that I would think using AMD Mantle or NVAPI as an alternative to DirectX and OpenGL would be a great idea because it would allow less powerful machines able to play a game like Nosgoth properly without having sudden frame drops, allowing more people to play the game.

If the makers of Nosgoth are reading this, please take this to consideration.

20th Oct 2013, 03:35
I don't think this is possible as the games uses Unreal Engine 3.0, and the developers of BF4 are using an engine specifically made for Mantle.
Epic should be the one that should implement it, but I doubt they will.

20th Oct 2013, 04:15
Unreal Engine 1 supported DirectX, OpenGL and most importantly - Glide. If Mantle proves to be an efficient API then I think the engine can be updated.
SE games in recent years have also been part of Gaming Evolved, so that also increases the chances.

I wouldn't expect high requirements from Nosgoth though.