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15th Oct 2013, 20:10
This topic will be updated when possible.
The more I play the more I will type.

Overall impression:

Duration played:
At the first open Alpha test I was only able to play one round in one game, this because my game didnt find any other players for the first 30 minutes. I don't know why this costed me 30 minutes to connect to other players but still I played one round, so lets continue on.

First impression
A fast paced game, with nice mechanics. The first feeling was that the Vampires where so "OP" but this feeling can just be because I only played one round yet. So far the idea of the game is great. And I am waiting on the next OA day already. So I can update this post with my thoughts. I noticed that there was no tutorial game play yet, I did read something that this will be in later. This won't cause me any concerns.

My toughts on Classes
In this part I will speak my toughts about the classes in game. The things I find difficult and the things I really enjoy.

At the first Closed test I was only able to play the humans, cause I only could get one round off. So here goes with the first impression.

The hunter is a great warrior, especially when there is more then one hunting a Vampire. It is the hunter that is able to shoot the fast moving vampires. But when beeing tackled by a Vampire you most hope your team will shoot the enemy as much as possible. Even though the Hunter will have like 1/10 of the HP left it is a great sacrifice as long as your team kills the vampire.



I didnt play the scout very much but I noticed that the damage output is great. It is harder to play as the hunter, but I think when you play the scout more often it will become easier and easier.



Alchemist is a great player when your team is beeing ganged up. The firebomb it can drop does a ton of damage and makes sure you and your team get a few seconds of rest.




Possible bugs

If server goes offline while in play (after 1 round or so) and you see your exp bar fill up, this won't happen when you check afterwards.