View Full Version : Server name Guide

4th Feb 2007, 02:17

"R" for Retail
~ "D" for Demo
~ so people with demo's know not to join or conversely that this server is a demo made one

"US-W" for United States-West Coast
~ "EU" (europe)
~ or whatever two letter acronym (along with cardinal position) you wish to use for your country as long as it will make sense to those you wish to attract
This is necessary because of the problems related to people joining servers that they ping high to/have a bad connection to

"E" for Experienced
~ or "N" for new players
~ This way you can attract those players that you wish to based on skill level/experience playing the game
Even though it's a new game there's still some out there that don't know how to spawn in units or how to use them effectively and i feel personally that we should have a way of declaring what kind of game group we're looking to have in our servers.

I feel this is necessary with the hodgepodge of people playing this games from different places, different skills, and most importantly different versions of the game. Until they release a better way to seperate the players i feel this would be a good basis with which we can get those games going. :) Thoughts??