View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS 2 hours played and love it!

15th Oct 2013, 19:43
Missed the first hour because of traffic -_- But when I finally got to play it everything work smooth. and the balancing was okay sometimes it felt like human's could have a upper hand when they had 2 alchemist's blasting around. so I don't know if you could put a limit on how many can play a class? or something like that or just nerf the reload speed or damage. could also reduce the splash damage? or even that teammates take more damage of the grenades.

And my favorite class vampires! I loved when I could grab a guy and bring him away from the rest of the group and then just kill him with the sentinel :D But I liked that it was that hard to actually grab a guy! then you just feel more skilled then other players and get more respect for your skill :p

And the reaver was also one of my favorite but there one thing that just seemed to be a little over power with them and that was their "leep"? when you used it for jumping over half the map. it just seemed like they shouldn't jump that far it just was to fast to travel around the map.

and all the other classes felt like more like support classes like the tyrant, alchemist that when you play whit your friend's and have better teamwork that they will work better.

Love the game!! can't wait for the full game so I can team up with all my friends and play the ***** out of it! :p