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2nd Feb 2007, 18:26
So I wanted to start a thread about this since I didn't already see one. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy gamer with the latest drivers. I have no sound on the logo screen when the game is starting. Also, there is no music ever when I'm playing. The weird thing is that there is ship sounds when I'm playing but noooo music :scratch: I'm going to try reinstalling the sound drivers and I'll repost if that works, but I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem.

2nd Feb 2007, 19:32
Thats a new one. What is you settings for audio? EAX, Software?

2nd Feb 2007, 20:09
I have EAX turned off and software turned off although I've tried with both of those turned on. The other weird thing is that if I play the blink movies for the logo movies the sound is fine lol. It's just a problem when I'm playing the game :confused:

5th Feb 2007, 20:47
I have the same prob. but in the Eidos logo i hear sound, after that in the profile menu I can't hear nothing. In game I can hear the engines of the boats, but there's no more sound and the game enters in a state of "loop" (?).
In the first battle with Aircraft carriers on the opposites sides ( I dont remember the mission name) when I hear the music, the movie starts with the camera on the top of the Aircraft Carrier seeing the ski full of "zeros" and then the zeros start to dive, but when there's no sound the zeros don't dive, the camera just follow the aircrafts forever and ever and ever (lolol)...kindda a weird dont you thk??:confused:
I own a Creative Audigy 2 with the latest drivers.
I've tryied to disable EAX in the options menu and I've cut the Hardware aceleration with no results. Sometimes the games starts just fine others don't.
It's kindda sad because so far I'm loving the game and this sh++ is a irritating...
Those someone has the answer to this prob.?

6th Feb 2007, 06:46
I had an issue very simular although I also had a stutering cut scene. My audio cut out for 1 or 2 miisions but came back (after autosave??). Try playing past the mission with no audio and see if the next mission has audio.