View Full Version : Please Please Please Get An Update To Support A Dedicated Server

Tex Vindictive
2nd Feb 2007, 03:06
As stated in the subject line - PPLLEASSSSSSSSSSSE

The game is good. Really good. The strategy play and first people shooter play go really well in together in this game. I mean with the right people playing in a game with 8, this is a really good game. :thumbsup: But the multiplayer interface is bad. The demo people being able to go into retail version servers is a pain in the **** , and will soon fade out over a week or two. BUT people hosting at home is the worst. Every game with 8 people has 2 drops right off the start. :mad2:
I got the retail yesterday. And it's hard to get a good start. I'm hoping and ready to see a dedicated server software. I'm ready to put one up.:cool: But if that doesn't happen that's really going to suck. Eidos, please get a dedicated server patch. You will increase your PC sales by so much. This is a really good game.

Game Well,

2nd Feb 2007, 04:58
I have called the company and they do not know IF they will allow Dedicated servers.

The problem we are having now is that GameSpy servers are natorious for lagging alot. Every game I have ever played on a GameSpy servers lag horribly. The clan I am in leases it's own servers for game play. We currently have 23 gaming and 17 ventrilo servers leased from LeetServers.

It would be extremely appreciated IF we could do the same for this game.

2nd Feb 2007, 05:46
You got the retail already, i must wait till next wednesday/friday untill the retail is avaiable in my store!

Tex Vindictive
2nd Feb 2007, 13:37
I just don't understand. Why not? That's the simple question. Why not?