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2nd Feb 2007, 02:34
Okay i know someone else posted this before on the general forum but the game has just been released and now comes the big question. Will the game be mod capable or not. The games files are locked up (as with most games now-adays) The only way to get to those files is through a good PC programmer (don't look at me) or through a mod kit provided by Edios. I mean i would love to see mod for WWI or some other mod. Also with the mod pack i would also like to see a map maker and a ship maker (Bismark anyone).

Well i sure would like to see this game live on through its mods just like Half-Life 1 and 2.

2nd Feb 2007, 02:44
:thumbsup: I wish Edios would put out a mod kit and I agree it would extend the life of the sim.

2nd Feb 2007, 23:09
Yes, all the game's files are locked up in the .mpak files in the \mpak folder. We need an unpacker or dev mod kit to even start.


6th Feb 2007, 01:08
Yeah, it would really be appreciated to get some tools or hints on what application(s) can allow us to edit the files.

6th Feb 2007, 01:19
I have a feeling you will not see a mod kit for this game at all. Eidios maybe thinking ahead to there next game allready. Maybe a modern day ship sim maybe an expansion to include more brits and germany. I would love to see what the community would crank out but I think they want to to it themselves and make the profit from it.

6th Feb 2007, 01:54
Yea but it would be neat to see some mods that introduce some more sim like elements like longer ship spawn times and greater torpedo damage and tweak the fighters so their strengths against eachother range wider than just "who's lucky to arrive behind the other."

Tex Vindictive
6th Feb 2007, 03:22
:thumbsup: I wish Edios would put out a mod kit and I agree it would extend the life of the sim.

I wish Edios would put anything out. I'm not having any problems with the game but the post with all the crashes and the log on problem there is no one to play. And if nothing is put out, like a least a post of some type of up coming patch, I would say the PC end of this game is done. My only review for this game at this time is I guess it's marketed to 12 year olds with Xboxes. Too bad, it's a good game.

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