View Full Version : Any dedicated servers

Tex Vindictive
1st Feb 2007, 16:36
Got the full version last night. The game is great to play. But I would like to know if any dedicated servers can be available? My gaming group would like to host a server for Midway.

1st Feb 2007, 16:51
You could setup a Hemachi server and password it. Then arrange matches through your website. :thumbsup:

Just a thought!

Tex Vindictive
1st Feb 2007, 23:23
Eidos needs to have the plug in to run a server as an admin. If that doesn't happen, the multi player will suck. Too bad, this is a good playing game.

Tex Vindictive
2nd Feb 2007, 00:17
Let's not forget no CD key so the crackers will have this game out in couple of days. Do I have to upgrade to Vista to play with the Xbox people cause there aren't to many people PCn'