View Full Version : PS3

15th Oct 2013, 18:50
Will this eventually be available for Steam on PS3?

15th Oct 2013, 23:48
I think they said there was no current plans, but it wasn't off the table to bring it to consoles. They seemed to think there shouldn't be much of a problem doing so (potentially).

17th Oct 2013, 19:21
The next gen consoles are more like PC's then ever to porting it should not be too much of an issue. The game also doesnt use too many keys so playing on a controler seems possible. But it probably depends on the reception/success of the game on PC first I recon.

27th Oct 2013, 19:32
I think it's VERY unlikely this gets ever released on a PS3. If it fares decently well in the first months I could see a PS4/Xbox One port though.