View Full Version : The perfect gift for the addicted Thief player

1st Feb 2007, 00:47

1st Feb 2007, 01:38
If it comes with a curling iron, and compact, I might get one. :whistle:

1st Feb 2007, 02:46
Damn BA...why do you have to be such a girl?:rasp:

1st Feb 2007, 03:02
Well, if you have to ask. :rasp:

Besides, women have as much buying power, they need one more geared for women too.

1st Feb 2007, 22:44
Hehe. I'll take the fridge, the megaphone, the personal cooling fan and the 20" flatscreen, then swap the rest for a decent music system and a floral gum dispenser. ;)

1st Feb 2007, 23:27
I'm lovin it!! :) That's about the funniest thing I've seen for quite awhile. There's only one thing for me that I'd change..well maybe two. :D I don't drink beer as a rule..so a little something different for me if you please. Maybe B&J's flavored malts would be cool...or better Scotch&Soda's :nut:

The other item naturally...no Xbox or even laptop...just a really nice PC with all the trimmings would be much preferred! ;)

So did any of you enter?