View Full Version : Join us on Hamachi and Ventrilo

31st Jan 2007, 22:50
Hamachi Info: (Hamachi is a VPN simulator which basically lets you play a LAN session over the internet)
group: battleships
password: midway

Ventrilo Server Info: (Ventrilo is a voice chat client that we can talk in while playing games and stuff...)
- I'll try to keep this up as much as possible for the next week or two.
PORT: 3784
Hope to see you guys there!

Hamachi is accessible @ http://www.hamachi.cc/

Ventrilo is available for download @ http://www.ventrilo.com/


1st Feb 2007, 00:43
it says u dont exist

1st Feb 2007, 02:06
I think he meant 'battlestations' instead of 'battlehips'

1st Feb 2007, 02:53
and that one is aleady full...:lol:

2nd Feb 2007, 00:23

battlestations2 people PLZ join and when u join PLAY its so anonying no one joins

2nd Feb 2007, 02:15
I'm on battlestations right now. I don't see a game up. Plus, my hamachi keeps re-connecting for no apparent reason and interferes with my internet collection.

Kai Robin
4th Feb 2007, 02:34
I don't get this program, I installed it and got into these battlestations/2 groups and yet when I start up midway and go to Lan game i get nothing.


7th Feb 2007, 13:26
I cant get in to the ventrilo server. Which version of ventrilo is it??