View Full Version : Need Help In Japan Plez

31st Jan 2007, 20:38
ok i'm in the building after using the motorcycle. so i killed everyone on the inside and i'm at the part where u have 2 use the grapple to pull down the big board thing. but i have no idea wht 2 do after that. could u please help me?!?!!?

31st Jan 2007, 20:57
Climb up the "board", kill the two guys behind it and go out the door. When you're outside climb the thin pole on on side of the builiding and grapple and climb up the neon signs.

31st Jan 2007, 21:07
how do i climb up the board though

ps i'm using an x box

31st Jan 2007, 22:23
do i grapple up the board or do i just like jump towards the board and automatically grab it

31st Jan 2007, 22:37
Shoot the metallic rings that are holding it with accurate aim (I think it's pushing down the right analogue stick on the Xbox) and then grapple, it will fall down so you can jump from any nearby desk. Then a new door will be revealed and you'll be able to climb the pole pinkraider has suggested above.

31st Jan 2007, 22:45
thank u sooo much 4 explaining how 2 do it TREEBLE
i really apreciate it