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15th Oct 2013, 17:25
Gameplay impressions.

Sentinel playthrough:
I started the alpha by trying out the Sentinel Class for vampires.
At the first glimps I noticed that All aiming you do as a vampire is done without a corsair of some kind. I guess this is to give the Vampires abit of a challenge?

How to fly as a sentinel:
Half of the first round was spent trying how to use my Sentinels ability to fly ^^
First you have to sprint/ traverse / climb a building (NOTE: This is only needed if you dont already have the ability "Takeoff". "Takeoff" does as it sounds and lets you fly up into the air on the spot after a certain "Charge" effect.) Once you are on a satisfied hight you keep pressing the sprint and run towards the ledge, then you will notice how your Sentinel jumps up briefly; This is where you then press "SPACE" in order to spread your wings and fly =) NOTE! If you press Space while flying you will withdraw your wings and start falling. And if you have a sufficient altitude you can then press space again to spread your wings and start flying. This could be useful to evade The filthy Humans projectiles!

Starting out with the Special abilities provided at start:

Kidnap: The ability itself is abit or was abit tricky to figure out how to use correctly, to use this ability one had to aim and dive down towards a human and when you are within a certain range you can use the ability itself since it works like if you have a timer in wich you have a certain amount of seconds to aim and hit a human before the ability itself grabs the human and starts to ascend both you and the human into the air. You can aim up and fly up further increasing the damage done. But I noticed that the ability is not a "ONE HIT KILL" sort of speak. If you havent flown the human high up enough he will just land and continue his war against you. Have this in mind when using the ability.

Wing flap: This ability was AWESOME to use I really felt like a powerful Vampire when using this ability since it pretty much does what it says, you flap your wings and makes a gush of air that knocksdown your opponents infront of you.

DiveBomb: This ability is like Kidnap at first its kinda hard to aim with the ability since you do not get any Telegraphic sign on where you will actually land and thus makes this abit hard to use. The ability is a nice AOE to use if you are certain it will cause panic on the one/s you are aiming at. The damage done by it is also kinda great it takes away rougly 1/3rd oh the enemies Hp on hit (as I noticed I might be giving wrong on the numbers). The ability is not launched immediatly though it got a chargeup time and will launch you downwards after 1-2seconds chargeup.

Thoughts on the class.
I really enjoyed playing the Sentinel alot, but I do feel like its a squishy class and the tactic "hit and run" might apply abit more towards them since they do go down kinda fast. (Atleast I did =S )
One other thing I´m thinking about might be to add some kind of Telegraphic Ui to abilites such as Dive Bomb and the likes of it.

Ui thoughts: When I ran around with my sentinel I often found myself dying "ALOT" at first, and one thing that I came up with was that with all the things going around on the screen I think it would be nice to have a bigger flash / sound animation when "YOU" are taking damage and perhaps show with abit bigger animation on where the dmg is coming from.

Visible notes: I think it was after a respawn that I noticed the lines of code that is in the background to the store and Home page in-game. These lines of code where then visible throughout the game until the servers went down.

Choosing sides:
This came as abit of a surprice to me that you actually had a round 2 where we were "forced" to play as the other faction. I can understand why you did this because otherwise you would have a too much steep gap with Vampire players and the Human players and that matchmaking would be harder to accomplish. But even so I felt abit sad that I "had" to play as the Humans in the 2nd round of the game instead of continueing to play as the vampires.

So far I am really enjoying this game I might add =D
These where just my initial notes on my first try at the game before the servers went down as stated above =).

15th Oct 2013, 18:00
Suggestion to the Sentinel.

During my 2nd game I found myself pressing my sprint button while flying =S, and then I came across the idea of making the sprint button do a airdash move while flying.
So while pressing the sprint while flying left could make the player airdash left. And that this could be nice to have for all 4 directions.