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31st Jan 2007, 19:17
when i'm trying to fly to a destination in a plane/helicopter. theres a very annoying sign saying restricted air space:mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: ,this always happens when i fly over a city.
if i ignore it my plane just sets on fire without warning and i'm stranded in the middle of the ocean with the remains of my plane.
does this happen to you?
:mad2: :mad2:

31st Jan 2007, 23:52
Never heard that, not even when flying over the goverment bases, where that happens?
Your plane in flames must be the same thing as when flying over govermental bases, you are atacked by AA batteries.

1st Feb 2007, 18:16
it happens when i'm flying over a city or near a big one and i'm much too high for any base to launch missiles and my heat level is not even one block!
an example is at mendoza airport when i take take off in one of the three airport planes there is a city about a minuite away and when i go near it it gives me a warning about 4 times and then i magically:mad2: fly out of the plane and it blows up.:scratch: :scratch:
it is most annoying especially when i try to turn around after the warning and it still sets on fire.:confused: :confused:

17th Feb 2007, 21:38
LOL wow that sucks. but no thats never happened to me. Whenever I accidently enter restricted airspace it just automatically shoots my wanted level to 5 and enemy jetfighters come after me.
Usually I only enter restricted airspace when I fly over the defense HQ (which is already liberated, WTF?),or when im flying low over some government military bases.

12th Mar 2007, 01:38
i have this same problem. it happens over the capital city, Esperito city (which makes getting that collection hard)
dunno or if it ever ends but it made me fail the last mission a few times...(part 2)

12th Mar 2007, 18:41
to DJDJ , do you have the ps2 version?:scratch:

13th Mar 2007, 21:20
PS2, yes. Untill i can afford an 360:P

14th Mar 2007, 16:28
yes, since i have the ps2 and most of the people on here has 360's i think you only get that annoying sign on the ps2's version.:(

15th Mar 2007, 00:16
Too bad you don't have the PC version, it doesn't have those problems.